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This topic TALK AND CATCH IT IF TRUE AND THINK AWAY IF FALSE is usually about link  toward issues and perception  of its practical use  insight society. In order to understand about it, we need to approach  society event. This society event of issues and perception  is usually  appears in form  human attitude and sometime to be problems into action to be policy.  It is causal effect to disturb if wrong perception and should be put  to  the wright role tract by  values and norms of community or society until to understanding to all party.  If yes true this idea please take a note all wright and accepted. If no let it go away from your mind, maybe it is fair decision.

TRUE OR FALSE is depend upon our mind about our affection, cognition and overt action. Affection, cognition and overt action  to form our attitude (tend to act) toward stimulation  such as things and issues then appear as  preferences actual action  such as like and  do not like or in between. Usually attitude  come to reality if there are stimulation  of issues  such as something new to introduce to society or community. As the effect  of issues appear reaction is  form attitude  to accept or reject it. 

Wright now let we go insight  talk about Forest Ethnic. Usual call it Forest Dweller. This phrase regarding to whom  are forest population. Image society is variation toward this phrase. Depend upon who they are, either city  population or village population.  We say village  or city population is regarding to the place where they are born. It meant their mind set formed  at list from their environment  or with their ecosystem interaction experiences. Therefore,  their  attitude variation.   

We are still talk about Forest Dweller. Mind set say  hate or do not like. Some time call no reference  to say  do not go there. They are dirty people. They are no knowledge such as  not as clever  as University Student. Their children are stupid. They do not know modern life. Yet the other side we may say that  our children in city born include their parent if come to jungle they do not know a lot and they need help Forest Dweller. Forest Dweller teach city people very politely and   to introduce about many aspects of thing of forest their settlement include  their home to stay preference since their ancestors come to this world.

 Forest Dwellers say “City is  bed and  dangers” verses Forest Dwellers say about themself “its  nice and safety”. Both  City Dweller and Forest Dweller’s  attitude may be fallacy or may be wright. Both of them have to learn more about  ecosystem and environment change. Let look to RUMAS . This book framework has  tried  to answer about this issues solution. RUMAS IS A BOOK, PUBLISHED at the year  2012 BY BOGOR IPB UNIVERSITY PRESS to tell how to solve the preferences accept  such as by two side of Forest Dwellers and City Dwellers.

Sometime University Sciences are also missing understanding toward  Forest Dweller. Perhaps their  study about Forest Dweller the needed more in dept by to closer to Forest Dweller method . They do not ever stay with them  in order with to understand  Forest Dweller mind set and attitude and  interpretation about Forest Dwellers. Therefore their essay about Forest Dweller is called Forest Dweller under bed meaning in culture  record.

In the year 2019 I have a chance  in class of  Forest Ethnic Biology with usual terms Bibliography name is Forest Ethno Biology. This is regular class in  Division Plant of Sub Division Dept.of DKSHE, Dept of  Forest Conservation and Eco Tourism, Faculty  of Forestry and Environment, IPB University, Bogor,  Indonesia. Students were free to share and to discuss their opinion toward lecture of  subject matter of Forest Ethnic Biology which was  delivered.  There were dynamic interaction class while they were introduced  mainly basic Indonesia as building Nation be based from trajectory  culture and sub culture of the parts from Sabang to Marauke Indonesia as a whole solidity as Nation in South East Asia. 

Regarding to subject matter Forest Ethnic Biology, I talk to Students  about Ethnic Biology Principe to Forestry Faculty and Environment, IPB University. It is   based to my five senses experience, in dept field work research applied (Cf. Membangun Kembali Dunia Baru Indonesia.To Rebuild New World Indonesia, Bogor :IPB Press University  Chapter 3  SAD, The Kubu of Celor , Chapter 4 The Temuan  Kampung Paya Lebar and Chapter 5  Hijrawan Kubu  of Malay Coastal Area).    In my mind I will put the wright way attitude Students on the wright tract. I do not want Students are false  attitude toward Forest Dwellers. I believe that Forest is home, wealthy sources and Forest Dweller as affluent Society, sources of knowledge  of biology  and ecosystem knowledge  of their local environment. Regarding to their external social environment is very dynamic interaction  to reduce their status as Forest Dweller of  affluent community (Cf. 2017 Umur dan Kesejahteraan Manusia, Age and Human Welthfare,  Bogor:IPB Press

False attitude is coming just because no balancing   attitude component of among  affection, cognition and overt action such as our city dwellers and forest dwellers  attitude toward forest and city itself at part the above  side of this essay.

The Contents of lecture summary  as the following below are addressing to Students attitude on the wright tract to form their attitude about Forest Dwellers and how importance to understand such as Forest Ethnic Biology in Sciences just basically origin from Forest Dwellers.


A Part Subject Matter Lecture of Forest Ethnic Biology Contents

(1) 1st week:

Basic Principe Forest Ethno Biology New World Indonesia. In this basic principle of meaning subject matter of lecture I had underlined that Ethno Biology is Ethnic Biology as A Variation UNIQUE CULTURE of PART COMMUNITY INTERACTION WITH FOREST ECOSYSTEM THROUGH TIMES ADAPTATION and SELECTION PROCESS.

(2) 2nd to 4th week:

In this week  I had elaborated Basic Principe of ETHNIC BIOLOGY  by  topic Five Essences values and norms of ETHNIC BIOLOGY as the following topic by ITS GUIDE LINE HESDD BOOK School  of Community Self Help New WORLD Indonesia, Bogor IPB Press.

(2.1) Trajectory ethnic  groups to form Nation Building  of Indonesia; 

(2.2)  Community Core  to Society Culture Core (origin is Socio Cultural Core) be change to Society Cultural Core (term of American English);

(2.3)Trade off  Traditional Knowledge to Modern Knowledge;

(2.4) Spirit of Founding Fathers  of Mother Land Love;

(2.5)Local Environmental Leader.

(3) 5th Week:

Students Knowledge ability on Forest Ethnic Biology Practical Used to Welfare for All in New World Indonesia.

4,Lecture  of Ref. Cited

Subject matter  of this Lecture Ref. Cited is all mainly  book by my author. It was experiences reflection from fieldwork research i.e:  2012 RUMAS . Pengetahuan BaRU bagi Kesejahteraan MASyarakat. Bogor:IPB Press;  2013 Membangun Kembali Dunia Baru Indonesia, Bogor: IPB Press, 2017 Umur dan Kesejahteraan  Manusia, Bogor: IPB Press and   2019 HESDD.  School of Community Self Help New World Indonesia, Bogor: IPB Press , (5th printed), and Ali M.A.Rachman’s Blog.

Ali M.A. Rachman on September 10th, 2021

” Gaya HIdup,Lingkungan dan Konsekwensi” Tiga kata ini saling kait mengait dalam kesejahteraan manusia. Gaya Hidup menguasai resouces yang banyak adalah gengsi dalam masyarakat . Namun demikian ada yang  suka dan ada pula tidak suka. Yang tidak suka beri sangsi serakah. 

Mereka yang tidak suka Gaya hidup yang memanipulasi resources yang berlebih itu beranggapan membantu cepatnya degradasi lingkungan. Namun terlepas dari sifat buruk gaya hidup serakah ini terhadap resouces tetapi perakteknya  secara sadar atau tidak  masyarakat dunia telah mengadopsi gaya hidup serakah itu.

Dalam hal tertentu hanya  gaya hidup tradisi yang hemat resouces patut diberi acungan jempol.  Kalaupun boros karena sesuatu sebab ada period pulihkan resouces tumbuh. Sebaliknya gaya hidup modern yang dianggap banyak memanipulasi resources  membangun cepatnya degradasi lingkungan.

Kini diperlukan merinci gaya hidup yang sesuai dengan lingkungan dan konsekwensi kerusakan akibat gaya hidup itu. Gaya Hidup pendukung keseimbangan lingkungan dan Gaya Hidup yang relatif muhasabah sangat diperlukan.


Ali M.A. Rachman on July 13th, 2021


Assalamu’alaikm Wr Wb,

Ysh Visitor Ali M.A.Rachmn’s Blog yang berbahagia dan yang di Rahmati Allah,

Terima kasih atas kunjungannya, 

Seperti kita ketahui  Wabah  COVID 19 selain  sasarannya kesehatan  juga berdampak kepada sendi kehidupan masyarakat hampir meliputi semua bidang.

Ada Data unik yaitu:

(1) Idul Adha 10 Zulhijjah 1442 H kali ini jatuh pada 20 Juli 2021.
(2)PPKM Darurat 3 Juli- 20 Juli 2021  untuk Jawa dan Bali.

(3) Semoga   gabungan kedua data di atas yaitu puasa  menjelang  Hari Raya Idul Adha sejak 1 – 9   Zulhijjah ataupun pilihan puasa 8 -9 Zulhijjah tahun ini (bagi ummat yang berada di tanah air masing-masing ) bersama serta semua aktipitas ibadah Jamaah Haji terbatas yang sedang berada di tanah suci dijadikan Allah SWT mabrur.

(4)Mabrur  sebagai Haji dan Hajjah, mabrur  pula segala hajat bagi doa mereka yang berpuasa tersebut.  Semoga.

(5) Alhamdulillah  ala kulli haal : Doa kita bersama  semogalah berakhinya PPKM Darurat berakhirlah pula pandemik ini.

(6)Salam sehat dan sejakhtera selalu

Aamiin (3x) YRA
Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

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Ali M.A. Rachman on March 29th, 2021

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb,

Mungkn perlu kiranya  kita saling ingat mengingatkan bahwa  hari kalendar penting  dalam Islam.  Pentingnya saling mengigatkan itu karena  KITA AMAT SIBUK DAN MUNGKIN TERLUPA. PADAHAL SAAT  ITU SANGAT PENTING BAGI KITA BERDOA KARENA SALAH SATU WAKTU YANG DIANJURKAN KARENA WAKTU YANG MUSTAJAB DOA  QOBUL. Salah satunya adalah Nisfu Sya’ban 1442 H YANG BERSAMAAN DENGAN 29 MARET 2021.


Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb

Ali M.A.Rachman

Sahabt Anda

Ali M.A. Rachman on April 25th, 2020

Kita sadar Covid-19 adalah musibah. Dia datang  dan merenggut nyawa  manusia menurut cara dia sendiri. Manusia seluruh penjuru bumi diancamnya. Manusia meneliti kelakuan Covid – 19 itu. Dia tidak senang orang kumpul-kumpul.

Dia suka kalau orang sendiri- sendiri. Konon dia hanya hidup selama 14 hari saja sejak dia hinggap di tubuh manusia sebagai inangnya.

Kononya juga dia hinggap di muka manusia masuk hidung, mata, dan mulut. Manusia berusaha agar tidak mengusap mukanya sendiri kecuali tangannya dibersihakan terlebih dahulu.

Kisah seterusnya manusia tunduk kepada aturan Covid-19 itu. Manusia menghindari serangannya  dengan cara  lockdown. Tinggal saja di rumah isolasi diri.  Siapa saja yang jalan-jalan dengan fasilitas udara, darat laut  dan tanpa sebab dan keperluan yang terpaksa  harus berjaga diri dengan berbagai Alat Pelindung Diri menghindarkan serangan Covid-19. Manusia berkelit  dengan berbagai dalih. Sewaktu waktu waktu  terpeleset juga.  Covid-19  masih saja  menggelembung  berjalan pasti secara SNOW BALL  keseluruh muka bumi dengan cepat. Dia ngotot  seolah-olah ada misi kepentingannya sendiri.

Bagi saya seorang awam  urusan Covid -19  ini hanya dapat MERENUNG dan menyambungkan kejadian ini dengan kisah dalam literatur. Secara kasar  menyimpulkan Covid 19 datang  terasa menyimpan  hikmah yaitu  kita manusia  perlu evaluasi diri. Agaknya selama ini  sikap dan kelakuan   serta segala sepak terjang dalam kebijakan  terhadap  sesama manusia, lingkungannya ataupun  kepada sistem alam  keseluruhan dan jagatraya seluruhnya  yang diciptakan Allah untuk kesejahteraan manusia  masih kurang serasi dengan kehendak Penciptanya.  Akibatnya  manusia sendiri sebagai mahluk ciptaan Allah itu sebagai  kualitas tinggi oleh Pencipta dinilai telah jatuh martabat.

Benarkah manusia telah jatuh martabat ada hubungannya dengan kedatangan Covid-19 ? . Kalau ya benar,   mohon ampunlah kepada Allah.   Allah  Maha Pengampun, Rahman dan Rahim dapat melebihi murkaNya.

Wallahuaklam Bissowab

Ali M.A. Rachman on April 20th, 2020

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Ysh. Para  Pengunjung  Ali M.A.Rachman’s Blog ,

Pembaca yang budiman,

Kini sudah persiapan masuk kembali Ramadhan 1442 H Marilah kita gunakan kesempatan ini  untuk saling memaafkan dan saling  doa mendoakan guna kebaikan bersama. Melalui Blog ini pula semoga Allah berkenan dapat menerima  silaturrhim kita sebagai bentuk Hablumminannas yang diperintahkanNya..

Dalam kesempatan ini saya senantiaa banyak banyak mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Anda  semua yang  telah sudi mampir di Blog ini. Maafkan atas penyajiannya kalau masih tetap di sana sini masih belum memuaskan.

Marilah kita berdoa  agar kita semua senantiasa dalam lindungan Allah dari  segala musibah termasuk pendemi Covid -19 yang masih berlangsung hingga kini.Demikian juga kita mohonkan kepada Allah agar kita tetap sehat  walafiat dan dapat kuat  beribadah  Ramadhan  yang penuh barokah dan ampunan  disisi Allah pada tahun 1442 H sekarang.

Selamat datang Ramadhan dan Selamat   Idulfitry  1442 H .

Mohon maaf.  lahir dan bathin.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Ali M.A.Rachman

Ali M.A. Rachman on May 21st, 2019

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

Ramadhan  tahun ini 1440 H telah sama-sama kita lalui. Pada tanggal posting Blog ini  Ramadhan telah bergerak masuk pekan ketiga. . Kesempatan ini hendak saya gunakan kepada segenap pengunjung dan pembaca Blog  ini ucapan banyak banyak terima kasih atas perhatiannnya.

Bagi pengunjung – pembaca muslim saya ucapkan selamat menunaikan ibadah  Ramadhan Mubarak ini dengan mengumpulkan amal ibadah sebanyak-banyak dan meyambut Idulfitry  Mubarak disertai dengan  ucapan : Mohon maaf sebesar-besarnya atas segala kekurangan saya.

“kalau ada sumur di ladang izinkanlah saya menumpang mandi,

kesalahan  dan kehilapan sengaja & tak   sengaja  yang membangun  hati Anda berkali kali meradang    dapat kiranya  saya dimaafkan kembali, 

saya mohon maaf lahir bathin sekali,

semoga hendaknya janganlah kesalahan &kehilapan  saya ini tanpa maaf  sampai   saya bawa mati”.

Sebaliknya saya selaku penulis Blog ini pun telah membukakan pintu maaf yang seihlas ihlasnya juga yang diminta maupun tanpa diminta..

Semoga Blog ini ada manfaatnya bagi teman-teman pengunjung dan kita  semua.

Terima kasih

Wass.Wr Wb

Ali M.A.Rachman


Ali M.A. Rachman on February 27th, 2019

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Dear Reader’s Ali M.A.Rachman’s Blog.

This title ENVIRONMENT , SOCIO CULTURE  CORE AND WELFARE FOR ALL   is material prepare  to serve for  HESDD conference. Besides of  slides, there is one more as figure slides HESDD’S COVER. All together slides therefore are 6 slides. The author of HESDD  VERY PROUD OF YOU TO PARTICIPATE   CONFERENCE . WE WILL DISCUSS BY NICELY ABOUT OUR SELF  EDUCATION. If you have free time please come together. Your present in discussing in this HESDD conference will be great  contribution value  to  grass  root education.   Conference   date  will be informed by IPB link and wide board of library information.

Thank so much

My Best Regard,

Wass. wr wb

Ali M.A.Rachman

The author of HESDD





Ali M.A. Rachman on February 18th, 2019

Dear Readers/Para Pembaca Budiman,

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Thank so much to all of you that you have great attention toward my blog.  Regarding to HESDD’s  Conference  of    title ENVIRONMENT, SOCIOCULTURAL  CORE AND  WELFARE FOR ALL its  Subject  matter for discussion is ready, please   download  at the note the following below.

Thank  so much.

My best regard,

Wass. Wr Wb

Ali M.A.Rachman

Noted:  Subject  matter of HESDD discussion( Silahkan Download)  di sini :

  1. Environment, Socio cultural core and Welfare for all (HESDD’S CONFERENCE)
  2. Cover_Human Ecology Sub_FN_AP_CU4
Ali M.A. Rachman on November 3rd, 2018


  1. 1



Ali M.A.Rachman

There are  seven component of cultural core  suggestion  regarding to ‘business  of villager’ must be discussed in order to understand in helping them settled in economic activities of all aspect in global era today. Why we have to talk about cultural core. Of course the answer of this question    exactly  be self propelling growth need. It is  based on social or community capital   of the community especially toward villager.  We are also discussing  that viability is  sharp adoption  biology system  into human system interaction toward them back and fort to support community sustainability life.

The seven components are as the following below:

  • Business is values behavior
  • Action form of communities values behavior  are : 

2.1 face to face

2.2 identification  of  group dynamic form

2.3 property  and its  inheritances

2.4 land is main means of production

2.5 social structure such as nimbul among the Temuan

2.6 eco technology

2.7 barter- exchange values

2.8 external social environment  connection

2.9 knowledge on biology  system

2.10 fallacy of Local Environment spark


  • Action Consequent and Risk effect are:

        3.1 community wisdom as sciences

         3.2 attitude toward  external social environment

         3.3 pioneer in viability –not stake holder

         3.4 risk taking (cf. Pak Ulis Cijegkol)

         3.5  just and pair attitude





(4) Community Capital

4.1 oral transfer knowledge

4.2 Will and Want or disire

4.3  come home return


(5) Use and Miss Use  and its effect

5.1 losing ground

5.2  vanishing  potential capital

5.3 breaking and disperse

5.4  “anomy”

5.5 hopeless as nation be based on Bhinneke Tunggal Ika


(6) What  to do  from now on?

6.1 improve   our curriculum

6.2 stop fallacy occurs

6.3 improve understanding

6.4 doing participant research

6.5 teach our self and listen  what our  founding father of this country  land say


(7) Conclusion

Moral Role  commitment of leader in Local Environment and National  community  responsibility